How It All Started💚💗

(Chelsey & Hunter)
Hey y'all!! We are so glad you're here & hope you have the best shopping experience! 
These are the main faces "behind the scenes", who receive all your orders & package them with love! If you've shopped our storefront, you've also probably seen us behind the counter & working the floor, as we do it all! 
My name is Chelsey Barbe, and my husband Hunter and I own Junk in the Trunk! It has always been a passion of mine to open a boutique - but not just any boutique - one that only catered to plus size women such as myself. I can't tell you how many times I've cried in a dressing room or left a store so frustrated because nothing fit me - or the embarrassment of being greeted with "welcome! our plus size section is in that corner over there" - when I hadn't even asked about it...
not to mention being stuck in a tiny corner  & only 5-6 items at most to choose from (& that's pushing it)  
SO, with the biggest support from Hunter, because honestly I'm a chicken & he is my BIGGEST cheerleader and always in my corner rooting me on, I quit my full time job, he quit his too, (people called us NUTS) and that's where Junk in the Trunk was born! 
From a 10x10 booth in a vendor mall in April 2016, to now our very own storefront, website, and FB group of over 40K members -