We're so glad you're here - welcome to your new addiction!

Meet The Junkie Team!

(Harley, Chelsey, Cassidy)
(Hunter & Chelsey)
Hey y'all!! We are so glad you're here & hope you have the best shopping experience! 
These are the faces "behind the scenes", who receive all your orders & package them with love! If you've shopped our storefront, you've also seen one or all of us behind the counter & working the floor, as we do it all! 
I am the blonde in the middle, Chelsey Barbe, and my husband Hunter and I own Junk in the Trunk! It has always been a passion of mine to open a boutique - but not just any boutique - one that only catered to plus size women such as myself. I can't tell you how many times I've cried in a dressing room or left a store so frustrated because nothing fit me - or the embarrassment of being greeted with "welcome! our plus size section is in that corner over there" - when I hadn't even asked about it...
not to mention being stuck in a tiny corner or the very back of the store with nothing but the clearance section & only 10 items at most to choose from (& that's pushing it)  
SO, with the biggest support from Hunter, because honestly Im a chicken & he is my BIGGEST cheerleader and always in my corner rooting me on, I quit my full time job, he quit his too, (people called us NUTS) and that's where Junk in the Trunk was born! 
From a 10x10 booth in a vendor mall in April 2016, to now a 4,000 sq ft building, HERE WE ARE! 
Thank you to the good Lord above!! 
I drive with both feet
I'm the oldest of FIVE girls - my poor Dad 
besides my husband, My mama is my bestie 
I love to swim and anything beach but will not get in water I can't see through
Im fascinated by sharks - shark week is my jam - but not enough to go swim with them or anything 
I don't eat any type of seafood - or eggs  
i'm super shy until I get to know you - & socially awkward - LOL - 
My dog, Elly, is my baby - you could say I'm obsessed with her
Im a lover of all things pink, turquoise, leopard, cactus, serape, fringe...well you get it ;) 
Cassidy Kujala
(far right)
Cassidy is one of the sweetest and most genuine people on this planet. She greets everyone with a smile and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels welcomed. Not only does she also work the floor, price, package, put together the cutest outfits & keep us rolling with her funny personality, she is also the first person we call if something technical goes wrong because I swear she can fix it all in 10 minutes or less. On top of everything else she does, she also is the one who gets the website ready for each new release weekly! She wears many hats at JTB and plays a major role on making sure things run smoothly behind the scenes. She is BOMB with makeup and doesn't give herself near the credit of just how amazing she is. She keeps me grounded and is the best listener - we have some of the best heart to hearts and I love her dearly! 
Im so glad she walked through our doors in April 2018  because we'd be lost without her!
Harley Elliott
(far left)
Harley has the kindest soul - she is always worried about how other people are feeling before herself! She loves helping customers put together outfits and feel good about themselves! She thinks outside of the box while styling outfits and we love that about her.  She is always willing to help do whatever with a smile on her face. She is a newlywed, loves her BassetHound, Honey, & I think is more obsessed with cactuses than I am (& thats a whole lot!) She is very shy but has a crazy side - don't let her fool you! LOL
We are so glad to add her to our team in November 2019 & we know y'all will love her like we do! 
how blessed am I that both of these girls are SO much more to me than just employees, but friends who I can call day or night. They love this boutique & customers just like it was their very own, which just makes me love them that much more <3