Welcome to your newest addiction!!

How It All Started💚💗

(Chelsey & Hunter)
Hey y'all!! We are so glad you're here & hope you have the best shopping experience! 
These are the main faces "behind the scenes", who receive all your orders & package them with love! If you've shopped our storefront, you've also probably seen us behind the counter & working the floor, as we do it all! 
My name is Chelsey Barbe, and my husband Hunter and I own Junk in the Trunk! It has always been a passion of mine to open a boutique - but not just any boutique - one that only catered to plus size women such as myself. I can't tell you how many times I've cried in a dressing room or left a store so frustrated because nothing fit me - or the embarrassment of being greeted with "welcome! our plus size section is in that corner over there" - when I hadn't even asked about it...
not to mention being stuck in a tiny corner  & only 5-6 items at most to choose from (& that's pushing it)  
SO, with the biggest support from Hunter, because honestly I'm a chicken & he is my BIGGEST cheerleader and always in my corner rooting me on, I quit my full time job, he quit his too, (people called us NUTS) and that's where Junk in the Trunk was born! 
(Caree' - also known as my Momma) 
She is such a blessing to us!! She also does it all, from working the sales floor, to fulfilling orders, pricing, steaming (my most hated chore😝) - if you've ever shopped our storefront, you can't help but notice her cheery disposition and smiling face. We were so blessed to finally pull her away from her pharmacy job and add her full-time with us. We'd be lost without her! 
From a 10x10 booth in a vendor mall in April 2016, to now our very own storefront, website, and FB group of over 40K members -